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From the CEO of RED Cross CBD
Written on Decemebr 17th, 2020
Welcome to the home of Red Cross CBD. We are the newest and fastest-growing independent retailer of premium CBD oil in the UK. As much as we would love to sing the praises of our CBD oil, current legislation (especially in the UK) does not permit us to do so – we don’t agree with it but, hey, it’s the way it is so we have to comply.

That said, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from carrying out your own research and coming to your own conclusions. The Internet is currently full of reviews and success stories about CBD so it goes without saying the general consumer has welcomed it with open arms.

Our ultimate aim is to provide the UK market with the best quality CBD oil and CBD products at the most competitive prices we can find, without compromising on the quality of the end product.

Our Red Cross CBD oils are produced using CO2, the gentlest method of raw hemp extraction. This way the most important active molecules in the plant remain intact. By applying gentle heat under filtration, CBD is formed from its natural precursor CBDa, creating a wax-free liquid oil complete with all the main botanical constituents.

This process ensures the purity and natural genetics of the raw hemp is preserved and the most important active molecules in the plant remain intact, ensuring there is minimal risk of contaminants in the finished product.

Our mild tasting oils are easily taken in drop form under the tongue using the pipette. This way you can be sure the product enters your system in the quickest possible way.

Red Cross CBD oils are fully lab tested to ensure our products contain only the highest quality and purest ingredients. Red Cross CBD is fully registered with all appropriate governing bodies, ensuring consistency throughout all of Alpha CBD products. We are also in constant contact with our organic farmers ensuring that our oils and products are produced to the highest levels.

The UK and European CBD oil market is growing massively, and with good reason, as more and more CBD products are being introduced daily. To maintain our level of service we are constantly reviewing new products and will keep adding to our range if we feel a product meets the high standards set by ourselves and the expectations of our customers.

We look forward to having you join our rapidly growing community and if you have any questions at all just get in touch or visit the Red Cross CBD Facebook Page.

General Dosage Recommendation
The following dosage is a suggestion only. The chart in no way acts as a substitute for professional medical advice.

It is recommended that you start with a lower % CBD oil, e.g. 500mg, and work your way up gradually to the higher strength oils.

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